Automotive Innovations Sponsors Ben Hobson 213 Formula Drift Racing Team for 2022 Season

Automotive Innovations
Kansas City, MO – April 4, 2022

Automotive Innovations (Ai), an all-in-one solution that allows auto dealers to replace multiple tools, increase profits, and get real-time visibility into their business, today announced the sponsorship of the Ben Hobson 213 Formula Drift Racing Team for the 2022 Season.

Formula Drift is the #1 Millennial motorsport, bringing the most dynamic elements of traditional motorsport, including the big crash, door-to-door racing, and smoky burnouts to every run throughout the entire competition. It is a 32-car bracket head-to-head competition similar to an NCAA/March Madness basketball tournament. The field is seeded based on how they individually qualify.

Entering the 19th season in 2022, Drift is an 8-round series in major American markets with drivers from all over the world. It is the #1 most engaged sport on social media with 40+ million content views, the #2 most followed American motorsport on social media, and the #1 motorsport for millennials on social media. The sport is judged similar to surfing or skateboarding. It’s not who gets to the finish line first but which driver has more car control while exhibiting the most extreme style. The winning driver moves on until there is a winner.

Ben Hobson, team driver, and Vice President is a 28-year-old Formula Drift ProSpec driver, based out of Atlanta, Georgia. He started his career in 2015 and has attended over 60 competitions in two different countries, and more than 10 states. His love of drifting led Hobson to take a rolling shell 1995 Nissan 240SX and turn it into a machine that is well known for being fast and rowdy. In 2020 Hobson won the Lone Star Drift Pro-Am Championship earning his Formula D Pro license.

“I am so excited to sponsor this great team and driver, being so passionate about the sport, and you can bet I will be at every round! The sponsorship makes sense to me both from a personal and business perspective. Joey Hobson, the team President, is a good friend and long-time auto dealer. He uses Ai in his store as it serves as a good spotter for his business,” said Hoss Devine, CEO/President of Automotive Innovations. “For performance sports or running a business having a spotter is a must to tell you in real-time what adjustments you need to make to win. How good your spotter is at reading the field or the track is the first step to having success. The second crucial step is how your team executes the information you are being fed. Running a business is no different. You must have something that tells you in real-time what adjustments you need to make to win. That is what Automotive Innovations does for franchised auto dealerships. It enables them to know what levers they need to pull or things you need to do in real-time as the first step to true success.”

Ai consolidates six core dealer products into one 360-degree operating solution for the most comprehensive and accurate suite of analytics and operational tools on the market. The solution was founded on simplicity, one login, and one price, to positively impact business in the moment – not in retrospect. Ai’s automotive solutions are designed to increase sales and gross profits in the showroom, F&I office, and on the service drive, at a fraction of the price of acquiring these solutions independently.

“Hoss and his team at Ai are the best possible sponsors. He loves the sport and as a dealer myself that uses Ai, I can understand the great correlation between having a good spotter on the racecourse and for your business. I am thrilled to have his backing and look forward to our best year yet!” stated Joey Hobson, Team President and General Manager/Managing Partner at Lithia Springs Ford.

To learn more visit Automotive Innovations or call 833-794-0810.

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