Our Vision
We seek to revolutionize the automotive industry by providing one of the most comprehensive and accurate analytics tools to date. As a company, we are owned and operated by seasoned professionals that have 25+ years of experience working in the automotive industry.
Our Philosophy
Putting Your Success and Profitability at the Forefront
Providing the most Intuitive and Innovative Software Suite Available
Dedication to Reducing Your Overall Technology Expense
Our Core Values
Here at Automotive Innovations®, we value our innovation team members and clients above all else. To deliver the unparalleled customer experience we strive for, our innovation team experience has to be second to none. Our organization embraces an urgent need to serve mentality and takes pride in putting people above profits. It is our core values that define who we are as an organization.

At Ai, the priorities that shape and guide our business principles are and always will be:


The Beginning
While consulting with a dealership our CEO and President, Paul "Hoss" Devine, had an idea; why not take the massive spreadsheet he used to run a store and convert it to an online platform? Then take all of his years of operational knowledge and put it in the tool to help point out trouble spots for stores. The core idea was to not just show the data to a dealer, but to equip them with real-time actionable information. Thus, Automotive Innovations® was born and tasked with making this happen. But as every small business owner knows, it's no easy feat to start a company and become successful. So Hoss called his wife, told her about the idea and the sacrifice it would take to complete; "we need to sell everything we can and live in the RV until it's done"! Hoss' wife only asked him two questions: Will it work, and how long will it take? His answer: Yes and it should only take 1 year!


Consulting by Day, Developing by Night
For the next couple of years, Hoss and his wife continued to travel the country in their RV, consulting with dealerships by day and developing the software by night. Hoss worked tirelessly to make sure that he was putting in the necessary effort on both fronts, and would often only get 3-4 hours of sleep a night due to the sheer amount of devotion he had. His main motivator was the product itself; he knew that what he had going was special and that it would change the automotive dealership industry forever.


It Just Got Real
In May of 2018, the first rendition of OpsVision™ went into beta testing. Now the real journey begins!

At this point, Hoss and his wife were still living out of their RV as they traveled the country. Consulting by day, developing by night. As Hoss came and went from the different dealerships he mentored, he really began to realize just what he was sitting on top of. It seemed like everywhere he went there was interest in his product, with many dealerships wondering when they'd get a chance to use the software and how they could help support him!


Full-Time Production Begins
The OpsVision™ beta was a success, and it created valuable feedback that made Hoss really consider taking on the project full-time. In June of 2019, he made the decision to stop consulting and to devote all of his time to developing and supporting the software. Being as they were no longer on the road, Hoss and his wife decided that it was time to sell the RV and move into a house that would give them the adequate space they needed!


Our First Office, Hoss' Second Home
Now that the project moved into a full-time endevor, it meant that it was time to have our first office space! In October of 2020, Hoss rented our first office space, right in the heart of Kansas City! Straightaway, Hoss got to work on hiring local talent that would be able to help him and the business grow exponentially.


New Digs and Go To Market!
Having out-grown our old office space, it was decided that we were ready to move into our own office building in North Kansas City, MO! This space would have a dedicated dev/employee room, conference room, breakroom/kitchen, and enough storage space to let us continue to grow comfortably.

This leads us to present day, where we keep striving to make the most comprehensive automotive dealership tools to date, and to continue to grow into a larger business.
The Innovation Team
Hoss Devine CEO/President
Tony Gomez COO
Morgan Malino General Counsel
Darrel Ferguson VP of Sales
Elizabeth Klipstine Director of Client Services
Chris Rothermel Implementation Leader & Fixed Ops Product Consultant
Chandler West Quality Assurance
Karen Perry Controller
AAron Wilson Senior Front-End Software Developer