How to Raise Your Profits & Penetrations in Finance

Finance - Automotive Innovations

When it comes to selling in F&I, you must separate the sales process from the finance process. As I sit and read about all the new products in the industry today designed to help dealers sell more cars, a few things dawn on me. Digital retailing is now the new buzzword in the industry and […]

The Next Generation of F&I

Automotive Innovations - High-tech - next generation

New educational and interactive software ushers in the next generation of car buyers and F&I sales. Customer Expectations Breed New Innovations Hoss Devine, who has spent the last 15 years of his career successfully consulting dealers on best practices, came to the conclusion several years back that there wasn’t an F&I menu software on the […]

The Most Powerful Skill in Selling

Skills - Automotive Innovations

If you can’t listen to what your customer is saying, how do you really know that you’re solving their needs? I was out looking to buy something I needed for a weekend project recently, and I was once again reminded of how people lack the most basic skill in selling — the ability to listen! […]

High-Tech Redneck

High-Tech - Automotive Innovations

Successful dealers of tomorrow will need technology that is simple and provides a transparent customer experience. Learn how Automotive Innovations was built to help dealers to achieve that goal. From Automotive Retail to Tech Founder & CEO Hoss Devine is not your typical Tech CEO. While he’s always harbored a passion for technology, his entry […]