Our Flagship Business Analytics Software
OpsVision provides a unique view of your dealership’s KPI’s, making it much easier to identify areas of opportunity for improvement within each and every department. This new-found Situational Awareness results in bottom line profits for your business.
Feature Breakdown
Variable Ops Features
  • Overall Sales Performance
  • MTD Objective Tracker*
  • F&I Metrics
  • Appointment Metrics
  • CIT Module*
  • Dynamic Reporting*
  • Dynamic Targets*
  • *Patent Pending
Fixed Ops Features
  • Dynamic Targets*
  • Advisor & Tech Performance 
  • Real-Time Dispatch Stats*
  • Work Distribution Analysis*
  • WIP Analysis*
  • Bay Analysis*
  • Shop Capacity Analysis*
  • *Patent Pending
Text Alert Features
  • Real-Time
  • Vehicle Sold Notifications*
  • Vehicle Delivered Notifications*
  • End of Day Summary*
  • Concise Messaging
  • Reconditioning Stage Overdue Alerts*
  • DMS Gross Comparison Report*
  • Chargebacks & Adjustments Log*
  • *Patent Pending
Report Central Features
  • Delivered, Pending, & CIT Logs*
  • Desk Manager Performance Logs*
  • F&I Manager Performance Logs*
  • Service Department Performance Logs*
  • Custom Filters
  • Custom Reports
  • *Patent Pending
Daily Doc Features
  • Daily & MTD Performance Tracking*
  • Trade-in/Lease Analysis*
  • F&I Product Performance
  • Delivery, Forecast Pending & Tracking View
  • Drill Down Capabilities
  • Fixed & Variable Metrics
  • *Patent Pending


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