Our Flagship Dynamic Integrated Sales Logs
OpsVision provides a unique view of your dealership’s KPI’s, making it much easier to identify areas of opportunity for improvement within each and every department. Using hundreds of data points through our proprietary data engine you can now have a new-found Situational Awareness that results in bottom line profits for your business.
Feature Breakdown
Variable Ops Features
  • Dynamic Integrated Sales Logs*
  • Overall Sales Performance
  • MTD Objective Tracker*
  • F&I Metrics
  • Appointment Metrics
  • CIT Module*
  • Dynamic Reporting*
  • Dynamic Targets*
  • *Patent Pending
Text Alert Features
  • Real-Time
  • Vehicle Sold Notifications*
  • Vehicle Delivered Notifications*
  • End of Day Summary*
  • Concise Messaging
  • DMS Gross Comparison Report*
  • Chargebacks & Adjustments Log*
  • *Patent Pending
Report Central Features
  • Delivered, Pending, & CIT Logs*
  • Desk Manager Performance Logs*
  • F&I Manager Performance Logs*
  • Custom Filters
  • Custom Reports
  • *Patent Pending
Daily Doc Features
  • Daily & MTD Performance Tracking*
  • Trade-in/Lease Analysis*
  • F&I Product Performance
  • Delivery, Forecast Pending & Tracking View
  • Drill Down Capabilities
  • Variable Metrics
  • *Patent Pending


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