Staff Training
Is Easier Than Ever
Educating your salesman and staff plays a crucial role in how they perform on the job. Our goal is to make this task easier than ever with our new Learning Management System.
Feature Breakdown
Custom Course Features
  • Create Courses for Any Subject
  • Set Your Own Passing Grade
  • Set Deadlines
  • Attach PPTs, Documents, Videos
  • Create Custom Quizzes
Stock Course Features
  • Made by Industry Professionals
  • Sales Training
  • Managerial Training
  • Onboarding Courses
  • Premade Tests & Materials
Trainee Analytics Features
  • Track Grades
  • View Missing/Late Assingments
  • Pass vs. Failed Percentages
  • Time Spent Per Course
Admin Dashboard Features
  • Track Overall Trainee Statistics
  • View Statistics Per Course
  • View Statistics Per Module
  • Total Users Behind on Courses
  • Number of Trainees Certied
Trainee Dashboard Features
  • View Assigned Courses
  • View Past Due Assignments
  • View Completed Courses
  • Listed Certications
  • Up To Date Grades


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