Staff Training
Is Easier Than Ever
Educating your sales team and staff plays a crucial role in how they perform on the job. Our goal is to make this task easier than ever with our new Learning Management System. Custom courses allow you to build your classes the way you see fit, making the content your team sees that much more personalized. Welcome to Ai University!
Feature Breakdown
Custom Course Features
  • Create Courses for Any Subject
  • Set Your Own Passing Grade
  • Set Deadlines
  • Attach PPTs, Documents, Videos
  • Create Custom Quizzes
Stock Course Features
  • Stock Course Library*
  • Sales Training*
  • Managerial Training*
  • Create Dealer Specific Certification Standards*
  • Meetings in a box
  • Participant Reporting Metrics
  • *Patent Pending
Trainee Analytics Features
  • Track Grades
  • View Missing/Late Assignments
  • Pass vs. Failed Percentages
  • Time Spent Per Course
  • Identifies Past Due Training
Admin Dashboard Features
  • Track Overall Trainee Statistics
  • View Statistics Per Course
  • View Statistics Per Module
  • Total Users Behind on Courses
  • Number of Trainees Certified
Trainee Dashboard Features
  • View Assigned Courses
  • View Past Due Assignments
  • View Completed Courses
  • Listed Certifications
  • Up To Date Grades


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